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WeWire Research and Development Center

The Research and Development Center was established in March 2009. The center is equipped with advanced experimental equipment, testing and measuring equipment, and has a substantial technical force. The company regards "innovation and development" as an important guideline. It devotes itself to the protection and application of intellectual property rights. More than 50 patents have been authorized, and patent achievements have been transformed to production in recent years.

The center has a high-quality R&D team with more than 30 professional technicians, 6 intermediate engineers and 15 engineers, as well as powerful technical supporting from German headquarters. We are committed to bring efficient and accurate services to our customers through the continuous efforts from the Center.

The Research and Development Center takes high-grade and high-quality product development as its strategy. Quick actions begin from new product development period to the whole project. We closely cooperate with customers, provide professional technical solutions and services with advanced design concepts.

In the field of special wiring harness products, we have rich R&D experience and technical support capabilities accumulated over decades to meet the demand of customers for diversified product design and high quality requirement. Meanwhile, we are constantly enhancing our technical competence, supporting the needs of our customers' market development, and fully cooperate with our customers on new product design and new project development to provide comprehensive solutions from parts design and development to complete product delivery.

Eric Hu | Research & Development Manager