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Infotainment for passenger vehicles Reliable transmission

Coroplast cable harnesses make infotainment in state-of-the-art vehicles possible. For example, they reliably transmit data from the sensors of the driver assistance systems to the vehicle’s central computer, or radio signals from the antenna in the rear window to the radio. The most important thing here is careful handling of the cables and the contact systems to guarantee error-free transmission properties.

WeWire cable harnesses – flexible, durable, and electromagnetic compatible

Due to their high-frequency behavior, the assembly needs to be highly sophisticated and of outstanding precision. Our cable harnesses not only guarantee electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), they are also flexible and durable. We have continually improved the quality of our cable harnesses in many years of research and development work in close collaboration with our customers in the automobile industry. We provide you series development of outstanding quality. 

Details of what we offer you:

  • Antenna cable systems for transmitting high-frequency analog signals (coaxial cables)
  • LVDS systems for high-speed data transmission
  • Interface know-how with regard to all main OEMs and system suppliers
  • Manufacturing of all major connectors (FAKRA, HSD)

Your contact person Cable harness systems

Do you have any questions about our cable harness systems or in particular about our services in the area of infotainment? You are welcome to contact us at any time.