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Coroplast Global | News | 15 Sep 2023 Chinese sites of the Coroplast Group now purchase green electricity

In executing its sustainability strategy the Coroplast Group takes an important step towards greenhouse gas neutrality as part of its climate strategy. From July 2023, the Chinese sites of Coroplast Tape and Coroflex will obtain their electricity exclusively from renewable energy sources.
Martin Uebele from the headquarters in Wuppertal with four Chinese colleagues
Managers from the Kunshan site of Coroplast Tape and from the Wuppertal headquarters discussed the switch to green elec-tricity and other sustainability topics. From left to right: Joanna Miao (HR & Admin Manager), Vivian Wang (Purchasing Manager), Dr. Martin Uebele (Principal Policy and Public Affairs), Janice Chen (Senior Quality & Process Organization Director), Naifei Wang (Head of Pro-duction, Maintenance and Production Engineering).


Focus on responsibility for the environment

The Coroplast Group's climate strategy pursues the goal of greenhouse gas-neutral operations worldwide by 2050 and at its German sites by 2030. To achieve these goals, we have defined six fields of action in our climate strategy, one of which is purchasing green electricity.

We reached an important milestone on this path in July 2023: the Chinese sites of our Coroplast Tape and Coroflex business units in Kunshan (Jiangsu Province) have been sourcing their electricity from sustainable sources since July 2023. By using more solar and wind energy, we are reducing emissions of climate-damaging gases and thus reducing the environmental impact of our production.

Significantly fewer greenhouse gases

The impact of this decision is considerable. The Corporate Carbon Footprint (CCF) of the entire Coroplast Group will be reduced by around 11% over the year as a whole as a result of this measure – based on the figures for our own production in 2022. In order to further improve our carbon footprint, the contractually agreed share of hydropower in the electricity mix of our Mianyang site (Sichuan Province) of the WeWire business unit will also be included in the CCF. This will reduce our global emissions additionally by approximately 3%.

Effective change

The use of renewable energies is particularly important at the Chinese sites because the Chinese energy mix is relatively carbon rich due to the high proportion of coal in electricity generation. In 2022, they were responsible for only 12% of the Group's energy consumption, but contributed about 18% to the carbon footprint. This discrepancy will be noticeably reduced from 2023 on.

Sustainable international exchange

During a visit to all Chinese sites final discussions on the energy transition were held. This direct collaboration is crucial to communicating the sustainability strategy worldwide, strengthening partnerships and gathering valuable feedback.

Towards global sustainability reporting

In addition, the on-site discussions serve another important purpose: preparing for international reporting, the new Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD). The EU’s CSRD sets high standards for the disclosure of sustainability information and requires companies to report comprehensively on environmental impact, social responsibility and corporate governance. The exchange with colleagues therefore also focused on alignment with these new standards.

YOUR CONTACT PERSON Sustainability – Social and Governance

Do you have questions about our social sustainability or governance? Please feel free to contact the Teamlead Sustainability of the Coroplast Group.
Kerstin Häusler
Teamlead Sustainability