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Mister 100 Percent

Mahdi Zid, 32, has been with WeWire Tunisia for eight years, and his career has guided and supported the company's success at the site: He started as a process engineer and now leads a multidisciplinary engineering team as central engineering director. A great challenge that Mahdi Zid masters every day with full commitment. But sometimes he also needs a break, then he travels his homeland …

Engineering in the genes

Mahdi Zid was born in Sfax, the industrial and port metropolis 270 kilometers south of the Tunisian capital. A good education plays an important role in his family: Two of his brothers are doctors and another brother works as an accounting expert. Mahdi himself graduated from the National School of Engineering in his hometown and specialized in product engineering and the automatic control of processes. Even during his studies, the new cable production facility in Tunisia was the topic of conversation among his fellow students. It quickly became clear to Zid: WeWire would be his first choice after graduation. He sent a speculative application with a resume to WeWire, was invited for an interview – and was hired immediately. His wish became reality.

Growing together in the Coroplast Group family

He began his career at WeWire as a process engineer. After a year and a half, he took on the responsible role of warehouse manager. From then on, his career skyrocketed: "In 2018, I was appointed Engineering Manager for three years, then Engineering Director for four months, after which I moved straight up to Central Engineering Director," Zid recounts. During the same period, the Tunisia site also developed very successfully: new factories were opened and new projects were realized in Hammamet as well as Enfidha – many exciting challenges, therefore, for Mahdi Zid and his numerous colleagues. Incidentally, he has also been able to visit the headquarters of the Coroplast Group in Wuppertal in the meantime – which the manager feels is a special honor.

Wewire is the best company in the cable sector. You get the opportunity here to develop your own skills – and climb the career ladder.

Mahdi Zid | Central engineering director

Full power to the company

Mahdi Zid's daily routine holds many tasks: Each day starts with meetings of the engineering team and operations managers, followed by appointments with headquarters. He plans and manages projects, oversees the implementation of technical changes, sets up new production processes, and much more. Everything he does, he does 100 percent: "My expertise and commitment have been fully focused on Wewire from the time I was hired until today," Zid says proudly. His initial roles in logistics and production help him greatly in his current role. Because today, "I lead a team of technical managers and coordinate all technical activities within the organization. It helps to not only know the theory, but also to know the practice," explains Zid. What he loves most: following new projects – from prototype to production launch. He is the one who changes the layout in the plants according to the needs of the new projects.

There's more! Together with WeCare

What makes working at WeWire so special for Zid is the relationship with his teams and the good internal communication. He particularly appreciates that the WeCare program strengthens team spirit, that all WeWire employees experience appreciation, that they can contribute to the company culture, and ultimately that performance is constantly improved. Madhi Zid: "The WeCare program is a very important program for me and all my colleagues in Tunisia. It gives Wewire Tunisia a new image in the market and leads the company to more stability."

One of the best incentive programs for me personally and for the public is Club Zero. I also appreciate how WeWire is committed to celebrating festivals like Eid al-Adha and other important holidays.

Mahdi Zid | Central engineering director

Time for the family

In his career at WeWire, Zid has worked on many projects for the company's major clients – Volkwagen, Audi, Tesla, Ford and Porsche. And he's already looking forward to more. Wondering if he never has time off, never shuts down? "I got married last year and now spend a lot of time with my family, with whom I like to take trips to different Tunisian regions. I also enjoy taking care of our dogs and cats. That gives me the necessary power again for the next eventful days."

  • Mahdi Zid (right) is pleased about the special team spirit among his colleagues at WeWire.
  • Mahdi Zid during a talk with his colleagues.
  • Mahdi Zid especially loves to plan new projects.