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Coroplast Global | News | 06 Jun 2023 Exclusive guided art tour for our employees

Commitment to art and culture in the region is very close to the Coroplast Group's heart. That is why, for example, we support the Von der Heydt Museum in Wuppertal and frequently invite our employees to exclusive tours of the exhibitions we sponsor.

Long-term partnership

Promoting art has a long tradition at the Coroplast Group. Dr. Kurt Müller, the father of our current CEO Natalie Mekelburger, was already an enthusiastic collector and patron. Over the years, this personal passion has become an integral part of our corporate culture. Today, numerous paintings and sculptures transform our offices in Wuppertal into an inspiring place of creativity - and our commitment radiates far beyond our property into the region: In addition to various other sponsorship initiatives, we have been cooperating with the renowned Von der Heydt Museum for over ten years.  

As part of this partnership, we support the realization of high-caliber exhibitions, which our employees can get to know during an exclusive and free guided tour. 

Participants of the Coroplast Group art tours in the staircase of the museum
The employees of the Coroplast Group are excited about the guided tour through the exhibition "Franziska Holstein - Freundschaftsanfrage No. 2".

"Freundschaftsanfrage " from the Von der Heydt Museum

On June 1, 2023, it was that time again: 30 employees from all business units had gathered on this warm and sunny day to experience the current show of the "Freundschaftsanfrage" series. In two groups, the art enthusiasts explored the visual worlds of Franziska Holstein. The participants were excited about the equally expert and entertaining guided tours and a lively exchange arose around the works and the artistic ideas.


The exhibition

The exhibition series "Freundschaftsanfrage" invites renowned artists to engage with the diverse art collection. Guided by the minimalist criteria sharp-edged, two-dimensional, concrete, Franziska Holstein enters into an exciting dialogue with works by Otto Freundlich, Josef Albers, Victor Vasarely, Max Bill, Aurélie Nemours, Verena Loewensberg, Günter Fruhtrunk, Leon Polk Smith and Ellsworth Kelly, among others, with her strictly geometric works. 

A look behind the scenes

Before visiting the exhibition, the participants were able to have a look at the remarkable collectionof the Von der Heydt Museum in the museum depot. In total, the museum has no less than 30,000 works on paper, 500 sculptures, 2,500 paintings and 800 photographs.  Only a small part of this collection can find space in the actual exhibition areas. The “Schaudepot” offers the chance to discover 350 additional works of art at a time. 

After enjoying the art, we went on to the neighboring restaurant Muluru, freshly inspired. During a joint dinner in a relaxed atmosphere, stimulating interdepartmental conversations arose, in which the curator and the exhibition guide also participated. It was a wonderful opportunity to talk about what we had just seen and to get to know colleagues better. Once again a complete success! By the way: Until September 24, employees of the Coroplast Group can visit the exhibition free of charge upon presentation of their employee ID card. 

Find out more about our commitment to art & culture


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Verena Rheinberg
Specialist Corporate Communications