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Coroplast Global | News | 11 Mar 2022 WeWire wire harnesses in the Lucid Air electric car

The time will soon come: In a few months, customers in Europe will be able to do their rounds in the first electric car from Lucid Motors. In September 2021, the US startup for electric vehicles has begun series production of the Lucid Air. On board: state-of-the-art wire harnesses from WeWire, which we were able to develop ready for series production in record time.
Different versions of the Lucid Air from Lucid Motors on the road

The highlight: customized and weight-saving plastic holders

In October 2020, Lucid Motors approached us: For its first vehicle model Lucid Air, the startup from California needed a reliable partner in the field of wire harnesses. A challenge that we were happy to accept. In a record-breaking six weeks, our engineers were able to produce prototypes of the required components. The decisive factor here was that WeWire was capable of developing customized and, above all, weight-saving plastic mounts. The Lucid Air is thus the first electric vehicle to be equipped entirely with plastic mounts developed in-house by WeWire. 

We showed Lucid Motors that it was worth bringing us on board as a development partner for wheel arch harnesses. With our experience, we were able to offer the customer an optimized overall solution including self-developed components in a very short time.

Tom Ludwig | Project Manager

Lucid Air: The first vehicle model from Lucid Motors

In terms of range, many supporters of electric mobility have been looking forward to the market launch of the Lucid Air since December 2016.

At that time, Lucid Motors presented the full-electric model. And it can inspire: under the hood, a 400-horsepower front engine and a 600-horsepower rear engine promise a combined output of 1000 hp. In terms of range, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certified an incredible 516 miles, which is equivalent to around 830 kilometers. This value currently puts Lucid Motors at the top of all manufacturers. Customers in the USA have been able to look forward to the first deliveries since October 2021. For Germany, delivery is planned for the second half of 2022 – Lucid Motors will announce the exact date on its website.

Here Lucid Motors website

The Lucid Air from Lucid Motors is equipped with wire harnesses from WeWire.
Also on Germany's roads from 2022: The Lucid Air – with wire harnesses from WeWire

The project presented us with some challenges. It gave us the opportunity to prove how well and reliably we work at WeWire. We are very proud of what we have achieved and look forward to the premiere of the Lucid Air in Germany.

Thomas Dicke | Head of Program Management