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Production hall of wire harnesses in Poland

Close to our customers WeWire in Poland

We began writing the first chapter of our success story as Coroplast Group in Poland with the founding of our plant in Dylaki in 1994. In the meantime we are producing at two different sites.

Our locations in Poland

The WeWire sites at Strzelce Opolskie and Dylaki are both located in the province Opolskie and are within 20 to 30 minutes from each other. At these plants we manufacture products, such as wheel arch harnesses (ABS harnesses), injection-moulded components and wire harnesses. In Strzelce Opolskie we also produce wires and cables for the industry and automotive sector.

The Polish headquarters, with its centralised back office and administrative building as well as its in-house development centre (2D, 3D CAD, resident engineering) is situated in Strzelce Opolski.

State of the art production facility in Strzelce Opolskie.

At all of our locations in Poland we rely on the best quality, the latest lean work processes and the highest possible standard of efficiency. Moreover, we continually strive to improve working conditions for every member of our staff team.

Thomas Mayer | Head of Business Unit WeWire Global Operations

Our Business Card WeWire Poland - Part of a strong family: the Coroplast Group

Here you will find the key facts and figures on the Coroplast Group as a whole, which includes our sites in Poland:

  • Founded by Fritz Müller in 1928
  • Group sales in 2023: approx. 780 million euros
  • Approx. 7,100 employees worldwide
  • Headquarters in Wuppertal
  • Subsidiaries and manufacturing plants in Poland, China, Tunisia, the USA, Mexico and Moldova as well as service centres throughout the world
  • Largest sector: the automotive industry