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QA engineer and car freak

Oscar Juarez has been with WeWire in Celaya since the beginning and has seen the company's rise firsthand. He is very proud to be part of the successful WeWire family. Today, the automotive expert takes care of the perfect condition of our products as a QA engineer. Besides his job, he loves cooking, movies, and sports – especially motor sports ...

Oscar Juarez was born in Celaya in the Guanajuato region. So he and his family practically live in the country's automotive El Dorado: Here, nearly 600 international manufacturers from the automotive industry employ a total of a good 650,000 people. And WeWire ist also expanding here. After graduating from the University of Guanajuato with a degree in Industrial Engineering, Oscar Juarez was able to gain experience at several automotive companies – and didn't have to think twice when he saw the job posting from WeWire.

Helping to build a plant as a young man

"By chance, I discovered a job offer on a job website for a German automotive supplier that was just setting up shop in our area. I immediately took notice and applied," Juarez recounts. "Shortly after, I received a call that I should come to the sister plant in Acámbaro and would be trained there first. This is, of course, a unique opportunity for an entry-level worker like me to help start up a new plant and really lend a hand. In this way, we were made fit in Acámbaro to be able to manage the new plant in Celaya. This energy, these perspectives, immediately convinced me to work at WeWire." So Oscar Juarez was one of the first employees hired for the Celaya plant. He started as an "apprentice" and quickly moved up the ranks – first becoming a QA inspector, and now one of the senior QA engineers and deputy QA manager.

Lots of energy and strong coffee

Oscar Juarez has now been on the job at WeWire for three years. Every day starts with a strong coffee. "It's a must in the office to start the workday full of energy: checking emails, checking the customer portal for relevant topics, planning upcoming tasks in the calendar, meetings." His main daily tasks include validating the specifications of new products – that is, making sure that the quality of individual parts is not compromised at any step in the process. "And I have to follow up on customer complaints, use troubleshooting methods to find causes and solutions to problems, and take action to prevent the problem from recurring."

Varied and exciting everyday working life

Sounds simple, but it involves an extreme amount of technology and know-how. After all, process validations, work instructions, build plates, test boards, aids for subassembly, visual inspections, and communication on the customer portal for approval and validation of the requested documentation – these are essentially the activities that fill his working day like this. And Oscar Juarez loves his job because it is varied, exciting and challenging. "I always have different tasks. What's more, I'm one of the first in the company to deal with new products."

Working at WeWire is always exciting. And I'm lucky that I'm always one of the first in the company to deal with new products.

Oscar Juarez | QA engineer

The company as part of the family

"I'm a person who is committed to my work and willing to help anyone with the experience I've gained over my time here. The company as part of my family, because when you're there from the beginning like I was, it's like watching a child or your younger brother grow up." Unusual words for a man his age, but Oscar Juarez is convinced that he has grown and will continue to grow professionally along with the company. This has created a unique sense of community, as Oscar Juarez has always been able to rely on support in his day-to-day work. Colleagues and supervisors were always there to support him – whether with tips or tools. "This allowed me to develop professionally, becoming a professional who is optimally prepared for the challenges of everyday life," he says proudly.

With WeCare to visible results

It is precisely this sense of community that the WeCare program picks up on: It not only improves working conditions, but also "gives employees recognition for the work they have done in different ways. This makes employees feel like they are an important part of the WeWire family. But what's extraordinary about the program is that it leads to positive results that everyone can see. Because in the end, it helps improve the performance of the entire company - and we all benefit from that."

Cars, Formula 1 and sports

When Oscar Juarez isn't busy with product testing, troubleshooting or planning meetings, he enjoys watching movies and series, swimming, playing soccer and cycling. He also enjoys cooking and tries his hand at Italian and Chinese recipes as well as typical local cuisine. But his favorite thing to do is tinker with cars, and he's passionate about Formula 1. "This sport gives me a lot of inspiration on the job." What he would like to improve at the company? "I think I would introduce more sports activities to promote togetherness even more that way, too." Always according to the motto: There's more!

  • Oscar Juarez enjoys sharing his knowledge with his colleagues.
  • As QA Engineer, Oscar Juarez takes care of quality at every step of the process.
  • Oscar Juarez at the Celaya production site.