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Wiring harnesses Highly individual and made to measure

WeWire supplies wire harnesses for various components that need to be pre-assembled. For instance, motors, doors, roofs, tailgates, seats, air conditioners, generators, bumpers and front ends are all equipped with our wire harnesses. We also develop and produce modular cable assemblies for creating individual wiring solutions.

Tailor-made solutions are of key importance when we manufacture our wire harnesses, as our products need to match individual customer requirements with 100 per cent precision. This is where our pronounced process experience and flexibility are a great advantage, as we analyse possible installation options, prepare test reports, optimise wire-routing processes and manufacture prototypes, which can only be implemented in close cooperation with the customer. These abilities enable us to provide customers with short development times, continual cost optimisation and process efficiency.

What our customers can expect from us

  • A wealth of experience in manufacturing cable assemblies
  • Integrated component know-how gained through in-house development and the production of wires and adhesive tapes
  • Cooperation in Simultaneous Engineering Teams (SETs)
  • Development-based qualification
  • Preparation of wiring schematics
  • 3D cable assembly routing and collision detection tests (DMU)
  • Preparation of wiring and component drawings
  • Interfaces to customers and suppliers
  • Preparation of functional models using 3D printing processes

Battery and generator cable assemblies

Battery and generator cable assemblies are subject to strict requirements. When manufacturing cable assemblies for these applications, we rely on the following specifications:

  • Insulation material: high-quality materials such as silicone
  • Conductor material: copper, aluminium
  • Cross-section: 16 to 70 mm²
  • Coroplast uses crimp terminals, cable lugs and die-cast contacts such as battery clamps
Batterie- und Generatorleitungssätze
Battery and generator wiring harnesses are subject to high demands.

Engine wiring

The construction space around the engine is exposed to highly fluctuating temperatures and vibrations. For these applications, cable assemblies with intelligently designed jacket and protective materials made by WeWire are required, which minimise weight and maximise reliability. We utilise:

  • Sealed connection systems
  • Single-core cables, heat-resistant up to 200 °C
  • Highly flexible silicone ground wires
  • WeWire special-purpose adhesive tape for added flexibility and heavy-duty abrasion protection
  • stranded wires or sheathed cables for signal shielding
  • Sealed power distributors
Bauraum der Motorverkabelung
Der Bauraum rund um den Motor ist starken Temperaturschwankungen und Vibrationen ausgesetzt.

Seat wiring

We develop autarkic cable assemblies not only for seats, but also for doors, roofs, valves, air conditioners, shock absorbers and other applications, including the respective peripheral equipment. Here, for example, we offer the following specifications:

  • Highly flexible single-core wires
  • Airbag conductors with ignition pill plugs
  • Motion compensation using braided sleeving
  • Abrasion protection tape
  • Specially designed fastening systems
Die Sitzverkabelung muss besonders flexibel sein.

WeWire Your Contact

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