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Increased driving safety Wheel arch technology

The wider use of driver assistance systems and the advent of fully automated driving are leading to a growing amount of technology being installed in vehicles – and the wheel arches are no exception. Whereas other manufacturers install a separate wire for each individual sensor or actuator, we offer our customers an integrated approach that uses sophisticated tube systems and multi-core sheathed cables.

Whereas other manufacturers install a separate wire for each individual sensor or actuator, we offer our customers an integrated approach that uses sophisticated tube systems and multi-core sheathed cables. This technology enables multiples of sensors or actuators to be connected via one single sheathed cable. For a front axle, for example, a multi-core sheathed cable is laid from the chassis to the wheel carrier and only then divided accordingly, which not only saves space, but also cuts costs.

In the automotive sector there are many names for wheel arch harnesses: they are also known as wheel arch wiring or axle harnesses, to name but a few. Whatever you want to call them, in most cases the key issue is safety. It all began with the first wiring set, which controlled the anti-blocking system. That has been added to over the last few decades to include ESP, shock absorber adjustment, electronically controlled suspension, brake wear indicators, electrical parking brakes, tyre pressure monitoring systems and a host of other features. The scale and complexity of these functions will continue to grow in future. WeWire offers innovative solutions for routing cables in the confined space of a wheel arch.

What our customers can expect from us

  • Made-to-measure solutions, from the initial design to the finished product
  • Regional proximity, with development, production and service centres on every continent
  • Close cooperation in Simultaneous Engineering Teams (SETs)
  • State-of-the-art, highly automated production technology in pre-assembly and injection moulding
  • 3D installation space and collision detection tests
  • Preparation of functional models and prototypes for installation trials
  • In-house validation and testing 

Challenges in designing wheel arch harnesses

Cable assemblies in wheel arches are exposed to constant stress. At the front axle, they not only have to deal with dynamic loads caused by the suspension system, but the steering movements as well. However, it’s not only the uneven road surfaces and cornering that put so much strain on wheel arch harnesses; environmental influences also play a key role. This is where the right material is key, as the wires need to function reliably, even at extreme below-zero temperatures. They also need to be made to withstand exceptionally high temperatures, such as when a red-hot brake disc is in close proximity to the wiring harness. In order to resist the dynamic strain they are exposed to when driving, the wires need to be laid with great precision, may not come into contact with other components and may not be exposed to tension. We began dealing with these challenges at a very early stage – and it is no coincidence that WeWire is now technology leader in the field of wheel arch wiring.

Driver assistance systems and automated driving

Our expertise in the fields of cable assemblies and wheel arch harnesses is crucial for the “future of mobility”, i.e. for the continuing development of driver assistance systems with the ultimate aim of achieving automated driving. In that scenario, the vehicle not only needs to continually report its current status by means of additional sensors and actuators built into the wheel arch, it must also be capable of uninterruptedly communicating with its environment via innovative vehicle electronic systems. This is where WeWire’s outstanding development expertise is called for. Our specialists have the ability and skill to control the safety-related aspects of these additional functions.

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