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Coroplast Global | News | 03 Sep 2021 Safety Production Month at WeWire China

All colleagues participated in an excellent manner in numerous activities and learned a lot for a safe everyday working life.
Safety Production Month at WeWire: Fire drills were well attended.

Safety Production Month at WeWire site in China

June was a busy month for us as we participated in the official National Safety Month. Supported by the company management, all employees were intensively involved in order to be able to live the ambitious requirements of this initiative in everyday life.

Diverse activities, strong commitment

Around the theme of "National Safety Month", the WeWire site in Mianyang carried out a series of activities of various kinds. To underline the great importance of the topic for China, the committee responsible for implementing the initiative at WeWire showed a TV report in which General Secretary Xi Jinping explained the topic.

The annual National Safety Month was tangible at WeWire from different perspectives and with many different actions. For example, hundreds of brochures were distributed to all colleagues to actively promote caution and encourage safety awareness. Numerous hands-on training sessions were held, fire drills were conducted, and an online test entitled "Test your safety" helped participants test their safety knowledge and learn more.

Fire drill: Safety Production Month at WeWire in Mianyang.

"Safety first, life first"

Last but not least, the campaign was such a great success because really all employees took part. A big thank you for that! Together, we will implement the motto "Safety comes from long-term vigilance" in our everyday work, always keeping in mind the principle of "Safety first, life first".