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Coroplast Global | News | 01 May 2021 WeWire China started the year 2021 with a great change

WeWire Harness is adapting to the Chinese market and the new requirements of customers: The opening of the new WeWire Kunshan Competence Center is an important step in doing so by adjusting the strategy to optimize production capacity and consolidate the center's functions.

Grand opening ceremony of WeWire Kunshan Competence Center

On April 16, 2021, the day that is "good for moving and meeting friends" in the traditional Chinese calendar, the opening ceremony was held at the Wiring Harness Competence Center in Kunshan.

In this exciting moment, WeWire China was very grateful to be able to invite all the employees of WeWire Kunshan, the representatives of Plainvim Industrial Park and the guests from the sister companies of Coroplast Group to witness the opening of the WeWire site in Kushan. WwWire is especially proud to start into the future united and strengthened after such a challenging time in 2020.

The WeWire team at the opining ceremony.

High-profile visit and enthusiasm at all levels

The new location is very well received. In March the deputy director of the Ministry of Commerce of the Pro-vince of Sichuan visited the Mianyang site accompanied by the deputy mayor of Mianyang and other governors. During the visit, the government officials were impressed by processes and the precision of our ABS/EPB harness product requirements.

Confidently into the future

The new side is part of a wholistic strategic plan. In order to face the challenging wire harness market in China, with increasing cost-competitive pressure from customers but also rising demands on quality, design and development status, the company's management made a strategic change last year to optimize production capacity and consolidate the center's functions.

Innovation for the future. Only through innovation can we improve, and only through change can we adapt to the market.

WeWire China Company Slogan

We believe that the epidemic will pass and that China's auto market will be at the forefront of the global auto market in the "new four" development wave. We are courageously facing up to the challenges and look forward to a successful future for which we are now optimally equipped.

Thank you for all the support and help

We would like to express our sincere thanks to all colleagues at Wiring Harness China! We are also very thankful for the great help of Pingqian Industrial Park and our sister companies. Through the cooperation we have met all the capacity optimization and new function center establishment targets set by the main management on time and as needed, while doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control and production resumption. 

We will remember everyone's commitment and joint efforts.